Numana is a picturesque fishing village located in the heart of the Conero Riviera.

Its origins date back to Roman times, as evidenced by the remains of the ancient harbour and a maritime villa. The medieval core of the town then developed around the ancient watchtower, of which only ruins remain today. Numana lies in a charming inlet and faces directly onto the sea, with its colourful houses and flights of steps leading down to the beach.

The profile of Monte Conero, with its slopes cloaked in lush Mediterranean vegetation, dominates the background. The clear waters of the Adriatic lap the promenade that stretches at the foot of the village. Despite being a renowned seaside resort, Numana has kept its original character intact. Strolling through the historic centre, among narrow alleys and shady squares, one breathes in an atmosphere of times gone by, with the old fishermen's houses, some of which have now been converted into shops and restaurants, bearing witness to local history and traditions.

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